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QuickCliq is a cashless online ordering system that helps you manage your children’s canteen orders, uniforms, books and even school fees. Trusted by over 700 schools and thousands of parents across Australia, QuickCliq enables you to place orders and make payments easily from the comfort of your home or office.

Over 200,000 parents and more than 700 schools using QuickCliq across Australia

QuickCliq for Schools

Have you heard of QuickCliq?

More than 700 schools across Australia trust QuickCliq to help parents manage their children’s needs at school. Cashless and secure, QuickCliq removes the hassle of handwritten order bags, missed orders and the morning scramble for notes and loose change.

QuickCliq was developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, ensuring that the system is efficient and easy to use. Join the growing number of schools who are making the move to smarter, more intuitive ordering and payments.
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QuickCliq for Parents / Users

QuickCliq streamlines your day

QuickCliq was designed by parents, for parents, so we know exactly how difficult it can be to organise school lunches five days a week. QuickCliq lets you do this online!

QuickCliq is easy to use and enables you to plan for your child’s meal requirements in advance. As a completely cashless system, it removes the problems of sending children to school with money in their pockets. And, you can rest assured that your child’s meal will be waiting for them on time and in good condition.

You can even order school uniforms, books and pay school fees all from the comfort of your home or office.

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Managing Canteen


QuickCliq makes moving to cashless a breeze. Student orders are paid for online, instantly from a parent or student’s pre-funded wallet. Reducing money-handling avoids loss and gives you complete visibility of your school’s revenue, with funds paid weekly into the schools nominated bank account.

Virtual Volunteer


We could all do with more support with those administrative tasks, and with QuickCliq you get just that. Your virtual volunteer will automatically tally orders, count money and keep track of your stock.

Dedicated Support


When your school joins QuickCliq, we’ll allocate a dedicated Account Manager to provide training, ongoing guidance and technical support where required.

Managing Canteen


Uniform shop managers will be able to manage their stock, prices and orders giving them flexibility to manage and run reports when needed.

Managing Canteen


Decided that it’s time to update the school menu or remove an item from the uniform shop? Within QuickCliq’s online platform, changes are registered and updated in real-time.

Managing Canteen


We offer a Point of Sale system using student cards or cash that is integrated with QuickCliq's online ordering system.

Managing Canteen


QuickCliq unlocks process efficiencies by helping you and your staff manage menus, track sales and identify your top selling products from a single platform.

Managing Canteen


Fundraising events are pivotal to a school’s health and sense of community. QuickCliq supports the creation and roll-out of fundraising events, with a dedicated events page. Event notifications can be handled directly through QuickCliq, with bulk emails to parents.

Managing Canteen


Our website is mobile friendly for busy people on the go.

About us

QuickCliq is an Australian success story.

QuickCliq was created in WA in 2010 as a way to empower parents and schools to deliver healthy meals for students. QuickCliq’s cashless ordering system connects parents with schools directly, freeing up time and easing the morning rush. The business has quickly grown to having a presence in over 700 schools across Australia. Safety and security of your information is a paramount for us.

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