QuickCliq's Complaints Handling Policy


QuickCliq is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service experience. This policy is intended to ensure that we handle complaints or disputes lodged with us fairly, efficiently and effectively.


QuickCliq welcomes any complaint or dispute being lodged directly using any of the following contact methods:

Call: 1300 11 66 37

Email: support@quickcliq.com.au


QuickCliq will acknowledge receipt of each complaint as soon as it is received. We take all complaints very seriously and will ensure any issues or disputes raised are addressed as promptly as possible. Upon raising any concerns, you will be treated with courtesy and kept informed of the progress of your complaint.

We treat any feedback received as an opportunity for QuickCliq to improve the level of service we offer our clients. Every reasonable effort will be made to investigate all the relevant circumstances and information surrounding a complaint. In the event that you do not feel your complaint has been handled fairly, you may request at any time for your issue to be escalated to a senior member of staff.


QuickCliq is committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality and we will endeavour to treat all complaints or disputes with discretion. Personally identifiable information concerning the matter will only be documented where needed for the purposes of addressing the complaint, dispute or issue.


Following an appropriate investigation, QuickCliq will issue a response aiming to correct the problem and prevent it from happening in the future. The decision or action taken regarding the complaint or dispute will be communicated as soon as the decision or action is taken.

All members of QuickCliq staff will be held accountable for reporting on the actions and decisions they undertake with respect to complaints handling on an ongoing basis.


QuickCliq welcomes your comments regarding this Complaints Handling Policy. If you have any questions about this Complaints Handling Policy or would like to make a complaint, please contact us by any of the following means

Call: 1300 11 66 37

Email: support@quickcliq.com.au