Q. How do I recover my password?

R. On the login page click the link "Forgot password?"
- This will present you with a page that requires you to enter your email address
- Enter your email address to receive a link to reset your password

Note: for security reasons the password is not sent to your email. Instead, a link is sent so you can reset your password.

Q. How to I obtain a refund for closing an account?

R. What happens if I need a refund back?
If you are leaving the school and not going to another school that uses Quickcliq, it is at no cost to have your money refunded. Please visit the PROFILE section of your account.

Processing time will be within 7 days

Q. How to get started - Parent

R. 1. Log in by entering your login and password. Go to the tab on the far right Add child

2. 2. Go to the Add credit button

3. 3. Place order by pressing Add Order button

4. Follow four steps to order a meal

STEP 1 - Select child

STEP 2 - Select date

STEP 3 - Select meals and

STEP 4 – Confirm the order

Once you have confirmed the order your will get confirmation email. You can double check your order by selecting Active Orders or Transaction History buttons.

If you have any issues please contact us on support@quickcliq.com.au or call 1300 11 66 37

Q. How do I add credit

R. Log in to your account and select Add Credit (next to Meal Order box) and select one of three options:

1. Pay Pal - Instant - min of $20
2. Credit Card - Instant - min of $20
3. Direct deposit - FREE option, may take up to 2 days - NO MIN

You can go over the tranaction in your Transaction History button.

If you have any issues please contact us on support@quickcliq.com.au

Q. How do I cancel my orders

R. BEFORE CUT OFF: Login to you account and select ACTIVE/CANCEL ORDERS. Locate your order and select CANCEL on the left hand side of the order.

AFTER CUT OFF: Contact QuickCliq on 1300 11 66 37 or your canteen directly.

Q. What is the Cut Off time for my School?

R. The cut off time for your canteen will appear in STEP 2 of the ordering process.

Q. How can I update my child’s details?

R. Login to your account and select the STUDENT tab. Select the relevant students from the drop down option. Amend the required details and select UPDATE at the bottom of the page.

Q. I have missed the school cut off time, what are my options?

R. Please contact Quickcliq directly on 1300 11 66 37. We will take the order details and place the order directly with your canteen. Please call as soon as you are able to ensure that your order is accepted by your canteen.
Account Holders will be charged a $2 processing fee for ALL meal orders placed by QuickCliq, outside of the standard ordering platform, plus the standard transaction fee of 0.21c.

Q. I have added credit by direct deposit but waiting for the ‘2 working days’ for the funds to reach my account. How can I place an order?

R. Please email a copy of your receipt, or a screenshot of the transfer to support@quickcliq.com.au , we will add the funds to your account almost immediately and provide confirmation.

Q. My child received the wrong lunch order or didn’t receive the order. What should I do?

R. Please email support@quickcliq.com.au along with the order details. We will investigate with your canteen and provide reimbursement in the form of a voucher if required.

Q. Can I change an order once placed?

R. No. However up until Cut Off you can cancel your orders and resubmit accordingly. For changes required after cut off please contact us directly on 1300 11 66 37 and we will attempt to make the changes directly with the canteen.

Q. Please explain the 21 cent Service Charge

R. A service charge has been avoided for many years up to now, but we need to cover our costs as with other similar services to ours have been doing for many years. We are proud to say we are still the cheapest service solution of this kind on the market. Over multiple breaks, we still apply the service charge only once, that is per student per day.