Information for Parents

We would like to congratulate and thank all those families who have already started using our online ordering system for canteens. We feel very encouraged by the response we have had so far from our valued customers. Please remember that every single order, no matter how small, helps us give back to the students and the community.

Your Canteen is now online with Our Online Canteen!

Sign up now and you can join thousands of families Australia wide in using this simple online ordering system for you child’s canteen orders.


1. Go to Register Page
2. Fill in the form and select Submit
3. You will receive an email with instructions in order to confirm your email address and activate your account

Get started

1. Enter your Login and Password to login to the website.
2. Select the “Add Child" tab. Make sure to fill out all your child’s details before selecting “Next”
3. Select the “Add Credit” tab to add credit to your account.
4. Select the "Add Order" tab to add an order.


1. Select child
2. Select date
3. Select the meals you would like to order and add them to the order
4. Confirm the order or if you have more than one child, click “Confirm and Place New Order” Tab.

Once you have confirmed the order, you will receive a confirmation email from Our Online Canteen. You can also double check your order by clicking either the “Active Orders” tab or the “Transaction History” tab. If you have any issues or concerns, or have any queries, please email Our Online Canteen at or call 1300 11 66 37. If you have any meal related issues, please contact your school canteen.

Our Online Canteen Makes Your Life Easier!

We would like to share some amazing facts about the schools, canteens, parents and students that are a part of Our Online Canteen’s family.

    - Our Online Canteen is a safe, secure, easy to use website.
    - IPhone and Android App. available. Search your App store.
    - The system is completely FREE for parents to use. Adding credit is also free using the direct deposit option.
    - There are two more payment options available to parents. They can use PayPal or credit card, which do incur a small transaction fee.
    - Orders can be placed up to two weeks in advance.
    - Our online customer service is available from 6.00am EST weekdays and 9:00 am to 9:00 pm weekends to assist parents all across Australia.
    - Our toll-free Help Line 1300 116 637 is available 24/7 to attend any of your questions
    - You also have access to discounts and vouchers on Our Online Canteen’s website.
    - Promotes Healthy Eating - You have more control over what your children are eating at school.
    - You also have direct access to the “traffic light” system when selecting menu items.
    - Pay Online - You can pay for school fees, events, excursions, and fundraising.
    - You can also buy uniforms through Our Online Canteen. Check with your school the extent of their use of Our Online Canteen services.
    - All this effectively eliminates the need for children to take money to school.
    - Save time and money: Our studies have shown that parents who order their children’s lunches for the week save $3.56 and 50 minutes per week.
    - We also take regular feedback from our users and continually reinvent, redesign and improve our system based on such feedback.

Our Online Canteen is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

Our major services include:

  • Online meal order placement
  • School uniforms
  • School fees and events
  • Full volunteer rosters
  • News and alerts
  • Student budgeting tool
  • Discounts from a wide range of local businesses
  • Online stock ordering with stock control (Designed by our valued users) – NEW!
With a view to giving back to the students even more, Our Online Canteens also raises funds and offers donations and grants

Specific Benefits to Parents and Students:

  • Sign Ups are FREE!
  • We offer full customer service and support.
  • Parents have the peace of mind that the school canteen has received the order.
  • With our Student Budgeting Tool, children have a unique learning opportunity.
  • Parents can order in advance and then easily keep track of their orders.
  • Parents can easily notify the school canteen about any allergies their child may have, and much more.